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For many, coffee with milk is only to be indulged in the mornings. Don’t get us wrong here, a big, nourishing, delectable, and nutritious cup of Caffe au lait or caffe latte is just the thing to get the ball rolling in the morning, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying some coffee with milk post-lunch or even in the early evenings (or as a light night treat, more on that later)!

Coffee with milk: beyond breakfast time

Coffee with milk comes in so many different shapes, sizes, temperatures, and flavours that to record them all here would be a god-like feat. This is why we are going to start cataloguing a few excellent examples of coffee with milk here! And if there are any you like or are interested in, take note and seek them out. Reading about them is smart, but trying them yourself is truly wise.

The beginnings of coffee with milk

In the world of coffee, many things are up for debate and are also a bit of a mystery. For example, there are multiple stories as to how coffee even began as a drink.

There are also multiple stories as to how the Americano got its name. And let’s not even start on the origins of Cappucino!

But unlike some of these other paradigms of coffee-dom, the wide, vast, and exciting legacy of coffee with milk can be traced back to a single person at a single point in time. And that person is Johan Nieuhof. Nieuhof was the Dutch ambassador to China and was a widely travelled adventurer. He wrote about his many travels to interesting and exotic locales and in his free time seems to have experimented a bit with coffee, too.

We should be glad that he did, because around 1660, his method of adding milk to his coffee caught on and over time exploded into tons of different takes and combinations of coffee with milk. A few expert items down below are examples of his wide-reaching legacy. Let’s explore more.

A brief yet meaningful catalogue of coffee with milk

This list is by no means exhaustive, mainly because new and exciting styles of coffee are developed and perfected each and every day all over the world. But we do hope that this list adds a bit of colour, and calcium, to your coffee lexicon and maybe one or more will be your next order at the cafe!

Coffee and Milk


Okay, so maybe not coffee with milk per se, the affogato is a shot of espresso with a scoop of ice cream. This great treat from Italy makes for a chilly and delicious take on coffee with milk.

Cafe au Lait

coffee with milkThe French way of coffee with milk. In France, many locals will enjoy this for breakfast but abstain from coffee with milk past noon. Feel free to observe this style of caffeinating to embrace the French mode of coffee. Or, transgress the rules. Je ne sais pas. 



Dalgona Coffee

This creamy, tasty, and sweet Korean creation is one of the latest takes on coffee with milk. Made with whipped instant coffee, dalgona was invented by folks bored at home and cooped up inside during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The dalgona is named after a type of Korean sweet confection because the whipped instant coffee resembles the way the confectionary treat looks, with its honeycomb-like appearance. The whipped coffee is added to hot or cold milk.

Whip one of these up and listen to your favourite K-pop group while doing it, just remember to pause your BTS video to enjoy your coffee with milk while trying to keep up with Jimin’s moves!

Ca phe sua da

Vietnam’s version of coffee with milk. Brewed iced or hot, this Vietnamese coffee is truly an experience to enjoy.

Brewed with condensed milk with a strong, powerful robusta from a tin brewer that sits atop a glass, will turbocharge your energy levels regardless as to whether its hot or iced. For those seeking an even more one-of-a-kind mode of coffee with milk, seek out Hanoi’s own ca phe trung.

No, this is not just a gimmick to grab some tourist’s cash, this mode of coffee with milk is rich, velvety, fills your stomach, refreshes your senses, and caffeinates you like you wouldn’t believe.

coffee with milk vietnamese coffee


 It would be criminal to compile a list of coffee with milk without adding this Italian classic! Cappuccino is espresso with hot milk and steamed foam. Rich, creamy, delectable. No cafe experience is complete without indulging in this frothy and foamy prince of the coffee world.

Caffe latte

Just like cappuccino, this Italian gem is an aristocrat of the coffee world and certainly must grace every and all lists of coffee and milk.

Probably because its name in Italian means “coffee milk”. Variations of this classic abound, and as one traverses the globe, the drinks presented can range from exotic to deceptively demure.

The original is a ratio of espresso with steamed milk. This beverage has become quite the chameleon in the modern era, with variants featuring matcha powder and other goodies on the menu at cafes from New York to Beijing.


Another Italian coffee with milk treasure, this goody is made with a shot of espresso with a little touch of milk foam. The macchiato’s name means “stained” or “marked” referring to how the espresso shot is marked with a dollop of the milk foam. 

Cafe mocha

This tasty coffee and milk masterpiece is made with steamed milk, chocolate, and espresso. The cafe mocha is another coffee and milk combo perfect for folks with an incorrigible sweet tooth. 

Flat white

There is a contentious feud that is still ongoing in regards to who, when, and where the flat white was first brought into the world and added to the growing menu of cafe staple options.

But what is known for sure, with as little contention as possible, is that a flat white is made with espresso and milk mixed with some ethereal microfoam. The result? A smooth, silky, and delicious way to caffeinate.

Vienna coffee

Though milk is an occasional ingredient in a Vienna coffee, we will count this one amongst this list of superb coffee and milk menu options. This Austrian coffee item is brewed coffee or espresso with whipped cream and if the mood strikes the barista or cafe patron, milk too. The Vienna coffee may be garnished with some chocolate or cinnamon too. 

And some secret coffee and milk options for after dark…

Shhhhh! Close the door behind you! We have some secret coffee and milk combos for our list. Okay, these aren’t like any top-secret government intel type things that could get you killed or anything!

But do be aware we suggest these next couple items be enjoyed in very controlled moderation. They are only for those of legal drinking age, and they are definitely only for those relaxing at home or who will absolutely not be driving anytime soon!

That being said let us take a look at a few bonus secret coffee and milk combos that are set to help you unwind after a long, stressful, and burdensome day.

White Russian

This coffee cocktail features vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream or milk. Ice completes this veritable cocktail. And though coffee is in the form of liqueur, why not try it with a little dash of your favorite java? Especially a velvety smooth and rich cold brew?

Irish coffee

Feel extra lucky when you indulge in this hearty example of coffee with milk. Hot coffee, Irish whiskey (i.e. Jameson’s) brown sugar and you guessed it, milk or cream coalesce into a truly admirable take on coffee.

Though traditionally enjoyed hot, why not take it slow with an iced version? If you have spare whiskey stones you don’t mind getting soaked in coffee, perhaps use one or two to cool this beverage off and keep it cool. Be advised though, your stones will be coffee accessories from hereon out! But perhaps that is a risk you wouldn’t mind taking?

When and how to enjoy your coffee with milk

For those wanting to get a little coffee and milk into their coffee repertoire, why not choose one or more of the fabulous items listed in our article. Or you could try making a few at home, too! Coffee and milk are as simple as adding, well, coffee with milk together.

Don’t be afraid to try this combination with almond or soy milk. And brewed coffee as well as espresso both make superb pairings for coffee.

Just as the dalgona coffee masterpiece was developed under the yoke of boredom and a level of duress with the hopes for a better and safer future along with memories of a safer and much calmer past, so too might the next big thing in coffee come right out of your kitchen! Got coffee pods? Why not add some pod coffee to a helping of milk (soy, almond, or traditional dairy) to whip up a classic treat or experiment with your own beverages? What about a coffee machine, pot and all.

Well, a nourishing and comforting bowl of Caffe au lait may be a delicious option when getting ready in the morning, or afternoon if you so choose!


What about the high rollers who are lucky enough to possess their own espresso machines? Oh, well, the world is your oyster! Since many espresso machines come with their own foam frothers making classics like Cappucino is a cinch! And you can become your own favourite barista when you get creative with some of these superb options for coffee and milk.

Make Johan Nieuhof proud when you experiment in your kitchen in developing amazing coffee and milk combos. They can be sweet like a Cafe mocha, innervating like a ca phe sua, or light and fluffy like a latte. 

Coffee with milk

Morning, noon, night. Coffee with milk can be palatable at any point in time. There is a drink for all occasions, even ones for enjoying after a busy day. So, why not indulge in some coffee with milk today?

Curious to know more? Check out our articles on where do coffee beans come from and the best grinders on the market!

Coffee with milk: recap


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