coffee bean and tea leaf


To caffeinate or not to caffeinate?

That is never the question! Because the answer is always “yes”! And in the world of caffeine, the two heaviest hitters are coffee and tea. But some curious readers and drinkers alike may be wondering what the differences between these two forms of caffeine may be and which ones are the best on the market? Well, prepare for a trip through time, space, and caffeinated goodness!

Coffee: the origins, background, and some other facts!

In order to understand the power of coffee bean and tea leaf, it’s important to understand the origin of coffee!

The origins of coffee are usually traced back to Ethiopia with some claims coming from the Arabian peninsula in regard to its origins.

The most widely accepted story is about an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi who one day saw his flock jumping and running about. He noticed they had been enjoying some berries from a nearby tree. He tried some of these berries in the form of a drink himself and discovered the amazing power of coffee!

Kaldi brought the drink to a local monastery and shared the drink with the monks and the abbot. The monks loved the drink and noticed it helped them stay focused and alert through their evening and early morning prayers.

From here the drink would spread around Africa, the Middle-East, Europe, and then the world.

Today, coffee is cultivated in many regions far from its original heartland of Ethiopia. From Costa Rica to Indonesia, coffee has evolved into many different shapes and forms. But while coffee has migrated around the world, in Ethiopia new and different cultivars are being discovered each and every day.

The whole coffee plant from the leaves to the berries are caffeinated, though most of us enjoy the processed beans as opposed to tea made from the fruit or tea leaves. Coffee has lots of health benefits like antioxidants and heart-protecting properties which just furthers coffee’s greatness!

Tea: the origins, background, and some other facts!

Teas like white, green, yellow, Oolong, black, and pu’erh/fermented tea, are known as “true tea” and all come from the camellia Sinensis plant. Any tea that does not come from the camellia Sinensis plant is differentiated as an herbal tea or tisane instead.

Herbal teas and tisanes usually don’t have any caffeine, but all true teas do. The origins of tea, just like coffee, are steeped in some mystery. The camellia Sinensis plant is native to western China, northern regions of Southeast Asia, and East India. It was within this geographical area that the first tea lovers began the traditions of tea drinking anywhere from 3-5000 years ago.

Just like coffee, there is an origin story that may or may not be totally true, but fun nonetheless! In tea’s origin story the legendary emperor Shennong of China was on a quest to compile a book of all agricultural and herbal knowledge. He did this by tasting all the plants and herbs he could find himself and writing down the effects they had on his body and mind.

One day while resting with a cup of hot water, some leaves from a nearby tree were blown into his water bowl. He decided to taste the new drink and noticed the flavor and aroma were pleasing and so too were the effects on his mind, body, and spirit. Shennong would continue to enjoy tea as an antidote to any toxic plants he ingested.

This demonstrates tea’s origins as a medicinal rather than a recreational drink, a practice that occurred later. And like coffee, tea has had a long tradition of being enjoyed by monks who engage in long and strenuous periods of meditation, study, and prayer (Though in Ethiopia the coffee-loving monks were Christians, and the tea-loving monks were Buddhists). That’s not all they share as tea provides antioxidants, and heart-protecting effects, too!

Coffee bean and tea leaf: The top five!

Now that we have heard a little bit more about coffee beans and tea leaves, let’s see some of the best examples of both on the market!

Coffee beans:

  1. Kicking Horse Coffee: Kick Ass Dark Roast

A sweet, smoky, and, well, kick-ass coffee bean to enjoy. A blend from Indonesia and South America that features a bold chocolaty, licorice, and earthy flavor palette.

  1. Lavazza Espresso: Barista Gran Crema Espresso Roast

Chocolatey, spicy, and rich, this classic bean from Lavazza is a tasty and spectacular wakeup call!

  1. Eight O’Clock: The Original

A medium roast that is here to present some fruity and sweet hints, notes, and aromas with a splendidly balanced ending.

  1. Mayorga: Cafe Cubano Dark Roast

Who could pass up on an organic bean sporting vanilla, sweet, and syrupy character with some smokiness to liven things up? Certainly a delectable bean!

  1. Peet’s Coffee: French Roast

Woodsmoke, caramel, and a truly fresh and wondrous flavor experience. Pet’s always aims to please and definitely does this time around!

Tea leaves:

  1. Ahmad Tea: Earl Grey

Earl Grey is a blend of black tea leaves and the citrus essence of the bergamot fruit. And here Ahamad Tea does the rare feat of offering the loose leaves of Earl Grey. Don’t pass up on this incredible tea!

  1. VAHDAM: Green tea

Hailing from the Himalayas, a new, exciting, and burgeoning region for tea, these leaves are sure to raise your spirits.

  1. Davidson’s Tea Bulk: Gunpowder Green

Green tea leaves twisted and rolled into bullet-like balls lead to one exciting tea time! Grab these leaves from Davidson’s today.

  1. Harney & Sons: Japanese Sencha

One of the most famous and widely enjoyed varieties of green tea in Japan, sencha is a grassy, vegetal, fresh, and innervating tea to enjoy. Harney & Sons have some just for you!

  1. Jasmine Dragon: Jasmine

The Jasmine Dragon would be a great name for a tea house! And here they offer up pearls of jasmine tea. Jasmine tea is green tea infused with jasmine flowers. The flavor, scent, and aroma are otherworldly, so sample some with Jasmine Dragon!

Coffee bean and tea leaf: To caffeinate or not to caffeinate?

The answer is still “yes”. Peruse some of these great items in our two lists to choose the perfect modes of caffeine for you. Hearty coffee beans and aromatic tea leaves are waiting to lift you and keep you going all day!

Did you enjoy our article about coffee bean and tea leaf? Let us know in the comments!

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Coffee bean and tea leaf


coffee bean and tea leaf
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