Coffee bean nutrition

Coffee bean nutrition: 5 Mind blowing Facts About Coffee Beans

Who knew that coffee beans and the fantastic liquid we can brew beans into are just packed with tons of health-enhancing superpowers. It’s true! Though it may sound too good to be true, rest assured it is certainly a factual statement that coffee beans are good for our health.

For some folks out there it is surprising to know that coffee comes from plants! Here is another example of a pleasing truth, coffee is a natural product. And when we brew up a cup of pour-over, or a shot of espresso, or a bowl-like helping of cafe au-lait, we are partaking in what can technically be regarded as a fruity supplement. 

coffee bean nutrition
Coffee Bean Nutrition. It's not just about the waking up!

Coffee (the plant)

Coffee beans come from the coffee cherry. Coffee cherries grow on, you guessed it, coffee plants! Everything from the leaves to the fruit’s skin, to the bark, has a dose of caffeine to enjoy. 

In fact, teas made from the coffee cherries and leaves can be found in select corners of the globe. And these special herbal teas full of caffeine and health benefits, too, though whether they offer more caffeine or benefits than coffee brewed from coffee beans is up for debate.

That is for an article for another time, with our focus today on coffee beans and the healthy properties they supply us with.

Now, once the coffee cherries are plump and red, they are harvested, and from here the methods of processing all differ but to give you the quick rundown, the beans are separated from the fruit and sent off to be roasted.

But they are stamped with the indelible mark of their origins and the health-enhancing abilities their fruit origins have gifted them with.

Let us see what is the coffee bean nutrition like and how it can lead you to a healthier, happier life today.

Coffee Bean Nutrition: The Health Benefits


Coffee is just packed to the brim with antioxidants. But what are antioxidants? Antioxidants are naturally occurring amino acids and polyphenols that promote better health.

How do they promote better health? Well, a whole number of ways. Antioxidants can help boost our overall general health. They can also potentially help guard us against developing certain diseases, help fight inflammation, and protect our bodies from roaming free radicals that can result in oxidative stress.

And what’s another cool thing about antioxidants? They can help us look and feel younger by slowing down signs of ageing. Something to keep in mind when we think about coffee beans nutrition

Heart health

Coffee’s role in the world of heart health is always up for debate, but recent studies suggest that coffee does not negatively affect our hearts. In fact, quite the contrary in most cases.

Some studies have found that regular coffee drinkers experience a 20% lower risk of developing strokes.

Coffee can also help to protect us from developing some cardiovascular problems like heart failure, can prevent irregularities in heart rhythms, and can aid in circulation.

Potential cancer deterrent

When we talk about coffee beans nutritions, let’s be clear about one thing from the start: coffee can and will not cure or prevent cancer completely.

But drinking coffee regularly has been found to potentially help our bodies fend off or fail to develop certain types of cancer.

Especially liver and colorectal cancer. So enjoy a cup of coffee a day to reap these full benefits. 


And speaking of livers…

After a night of drinking, don’t reach for hair of the dog, but instead brew yourself up a nice cup of coffee! We prefer an iced coffee the day after some ahem “festivities”.

The icey cold beverage is soothing on its own, but the bitter and astringent coffee flavor alongside the kick of caffeine that coffee offers can get us up and at’em after a long but fun night of “festivities” (fine we will just come out and say it, when you have a hangover! Coffee should be your hangover cure beverage of choice, and there’s a good reason why.

Coffee can potentially protect us from the possibility of contracting a slew of liver-related diseases and complications that may develop in our lives. Thank you coffee beans nutrition properties!

Of course, make sure to drink responsibly and only in moderation when it comes to partaking in alcohol.


The wonder of caffeine doesn’t cease with just boosting our energy levels.

It can also give our nervous system a healthy kick in the rear which heightens the burning of fat cells, raises our adrenaline levels, allows our body to burn more fat as fuel, and can enhance physical and mental performances.

Yes, caffeine can improve memory, diligence, vigilance, mood, reaction times, and mental functions on top of giving us that extra lift in the morning. This makes coffee the perfect gym buddy.

All of the aforementioned details lead to a picture of a beverage that is perfect for shredding fat, dropping pounds, and building muscle.

Or all three, depending on your health goals. For best results enjoy coffee an hour to a half-hour before hitting the gym.

Oh, and coffee has also been found to help with muscle recovery times and to ease muscle soreness. So on leg day make sure to drink coffee before and then after you pump some iron!

Helps protect us from a few other diseases

Some recent studies have shown that coffee can additionally potentially protect us from tons of other diseases and health complications. Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and type 2 diabetes, just to name a few. 

Coffee Beans Nutrition: The Mood Lifter

Our energy levels aren’t the only things that receive a lift when we enjoy coffee! But enjoy the mood boost coffee gifts us with, too.

Do you know that happy and satisfying feeling you get when you see or smell some freshly brewed coffee? Turns out that isn’t a coincidence or some Pavlovian type positive reinforcement but is actually backed up by some studies from Harvard that suggest enjoying a cup of coffee regularly can lead you to a happier and healthier life. Though, there could be some positive reinforcement Pavlov style going on there too!

Perhaps you have associated the smell, sight, or taste of coffee with some good times and good vibes, so that could certainly play a role, too!

So when we think of coffee bean nutrition, let’s not forget that it’s good for our bodies and souls alike! 

coffee beans nutrition infographic

Promotes longevity

This one may be more like a collective result of all the other positive traits and gifts that coffee can provide us with, but is a great thing nonetheless.

Coffee seems, according to some intriguing studies, help us to live longer! This one isn’t too surprising with the antioxidants, nutrients, and potential cancer-fighting properties that coffee has in store.

And certainly a welcome one nonetheless! So for those seeking the elixir of life, perhaps it has been coffee all along. I guess coffee beans nutrition is about living longer. 

It’s delicious!

Though not a health benefit per say, this is still an important detail to add in here. What just sweetens the deal when it comes to enjoying coffee and its many, many health benefits? Well, coffee tastes delicious!

From the aroma to the very last drop of its brownish liquid, coffee is a drink to savor and fall in love ith. Coffee is versatile and can be used in a number of different recipes and ways. But of course the most obvious being coffee as a superb drink.

You can prepare a thick and rich cold brew coffee. You can prepare an innervating shot of espresso. Indulge in lattes galore or get a little boozy with Irish coffee and other delights for after dark. Coffee can be used in baking, preparing other kinds of edible treats, and the beans can even be enjoyed whole on their own.

Coffee and coffee beans are truly magnificent, tasty, and oh, so healthy. 

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Beans, beans they’re good for your heart, and liver, and longevity!

Who knew coffee beans were such magical little treats! Some of us might have viewed coffee as just a means of getting out of bed or suffering through a long day at work or school. But luckily it would appear coffee beans do a whole lot more than wake us up and get us out of bed or through that boring meeting or through that gruelling class.

Coffee beans nutrition is also just about the power to lift our moods. It can protect our hearts, our livers, our brains, and even keep us safe from some types of cancer.

Coffee enhances our overall health and does so with style! Coffee provides us with some glorious antioxidants, amino acids, polyphenols, potassium, and other nutrients. Coffee beans nutrition is incredibly rich!

So, in case you needed a whole bunch of other reasons to enjoy coffee, add “health-boosting powers” to your list!

I hope you enjoyed this article about coffee beans nutrition, let us know if you think that coffee beans nutrition is beneficial to our health or not. 

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